AssoComunicazione - the Association of the Communication Companies - was established in 1949 and has its headquarters in Via Larga 31, Milan.

It currently represents 115 of the most important national and multi-national companies working in Italy.
The main task of the Association is not just that of finding solutions to problems common to the associated companies, but also to develop and improve communication in every aspect.

The scope and aims of the Association are contained in the Articles of Association, which form part of the Charter and Ethical Code, whose principles must be adhered to by Associates.

AssoComunicazione has formed the partnership AssAP Servizi S.r.l., and is its only shareholder.

This partnership gives to Associated Companies several services, such as
legal consultancy, tax and administration consultancy, union consultancy,
consultancy on general problems about regulations, governing promotions, online promonews service, eco tenders, contracts between agency and client, our book “ The Associated Companies and their Clients”, campaign databank AssAP Servizi, market report, professional training, monthly analysis and relevation of advertising expenditures, the “Observatory on Economic Scenery of Italian Marketing”.

Moreover, methods and research in the field of communication are developed through the Research Centre constituted within AssAP Servizi.

AssoComunicazione joins in: Institute of Self-Regulation in Advertising, EACA (European Association of Communications Agencies) and Pubblicità Progresso; and through AssAP Servizi it takes part to Audipress, Audimovie, Auditel, Audiradio, Audiweb, Audiposter, and Confinsustria ST